Innovating Fintech for the MENA region

Since 2011 our company has been dedicated to developing financial technologies that meet the requirements of thousands of customers in the Mena region.

About Us


Because nor business is the same, we offer handcrafted Fintech solutions to help our customers reach their objectives.

SB Advisor

We help in the transformation of your business with a good price-performance ratio.


We use AI to make possible arabic document automation for any business.

SB Marketing

Do you own a Fintech product? We can help you reach your audience.

SB Translation

Do you want to translate your Fintech software to Arabic?

+10 Years of expertise

Our team has more than 10 years of experience in the Fintech industry, we develop custom solutions that works.

A Business Partner

Most of our solutions require working side by side with our clients as if we were their partner.

About Us

Sahih Business is a company based in Tangier (Morocco), it was founded in 2011 with the sole objective of providing Fintech solutions to the MENA region due to the lack of these in the market. In our journey we have adapted and created various technologies in order to make them available to our customers, and day by day we work to keep it that way.

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7 Street Moussa Ben Noussair, 3rd Floor No 6. 90020, Tangier, Morocco.